BELGIUM – Minimum salary threshold to be raised in the Walloon, Brussels and Flemish Regions

Information provided by our network partner  EXPAT MANAGEMENT GROUP Belgian practice leader, Massimo Maesen

The minimum annual gross salary level for foreign employees will be raised, effective 1st January 2020:

Walloon Region:
•   Highly-skilled workers – EUR 42,869, (up from EUR 41,739);
•    Management staff – EUR 71,521, (up from EUR 69,637); 
•    EU Blue Card applicants – EUR 55,431 (up from EUR 53,971)

Brussels Region:
•  Highly-skilled workers – EUR 42,869, (up from EUR 41,739);
•    Management staff – EUR 71,521, (up from EUR 69,637); and 
•    EU Blue Card applicants – EUR 55,431 (up from EUR 53,971)
Flemish Region:
•   Highly-skilled workers – EUR 42,696 (up from EUR 41,739); EUR 34.156,80 (up from EUR 33.494,40) linked by an employment contract  with an employer established in Belgium, insofar as the employee:
1)    Either has not reached the age of thirty
2)    Employed as a nurse
•    Management staff – EUR 68,314 (up from EUR 66,989);
•    EU Blue Card applicants – EUR 51,235 (up from EUR 50,242)

Remember to keep the following in mind:
•    New and extension applications – Effective 1st January 2020, employers who are looking to obtain or extend work authorization, must increase the salary to comply with the new threshold. Work authorization applications that do not meet the minimum salary requirement will be rejected.
•    Pending applications – Employers with applications that are still pending as on the 1st of January 2020,  must increase the salary threshold and must inform the Regional authorities to comply with the new threshold.
•    Foreign employees with valid permits – Employers must also ensure that the salary of their foreign employees already working in the Regions will also comply with the new thresholds as of 1st January 2020.

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