Brazil COVID – 19 Update

Effective immediately, temporary enterance is suspended for a minimum of 30 days for international travellers showing up from China, EU, Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Japan, Malaysia and South Korea. This limitation is not applicable to Brazilian residents, remote national home grant/visa holders, outside specialists of the Brazilian government, foreign workers on international service missions, foreign nationals eligible for family reunion with a Brazilian national and foreign national holders of RNM (Foreign ID card).

Since 19th March for about fourteen days, Brazil restricted entry to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana for about fourteen days, to all aside from Brazilian nationals and foreign residents. From 17 March, Brazil stops entry for Venezuelans .

Effective 16th  March, the Federal Police has restricted services across the country. Immigration registration and residence permits,, CRNM, DRNM and passport delivery requests might be acknowledged in dire cases. Identification issuance solicitations will just continue for candidates with evidence of movement in the following 30 days. Naturalization solicitations will not be processed. Foreign nationals whose status lapses won’t be punished.

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