Due to Covid-19, the French government had initially extended automatically permits and visas that were expiring between March 16th and May 15th 2020 for a 3 month period. This has now been extended to six months for all those who hold valid French residency permits, visas, “récépissés” or “APSes” that would expire between March 16th and May 15th 2020. This prolongation is automatic, and there is no need to take any action (processing or filing).


NOTE : short stay visas (“C” category), do not benefit from this, due to the present sanitary conditions and that it may not be possible for people to return to their country of residence or home country, it is possible to request an extension with the Préfecture, certain Préfectures have an online system (please note that this is not automatically extended).

The government is recommending that foreigners who do hold expired permits and benefiting from the automatic extension,  should not travel out of France as they could have difficulties re-entering and also a certain number of countries have closed their frontiers.


The question of whether these extensions of validity will also become applicable to those with immigration statuses expiring in the second half of May, June, or July 2020 has not yet been decided by the French government.




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