FRANCE – Government Proposes New Immigration Bill [UPDATED]

By Peregrine

The French Government has introduced a new bill which proposes significant changes to France’s immigration rules.



The  Asylum and Immigration Law (No. 2018-778)  was signed into law by President Macron on September 10, 2018 and published the following day.


What is proposed?

Below are the key changes


Intra-company transfers

  • Cooling-off period. EU ICT permit holders would be required to leave France when their status expires, for a period of at least six months.
  • Work experience. To qualify for the EU ICT Permit, the employee would require a minimum of six months employment with their employer.
  • Dependents. The children of a primary applicant is a spouse who would qualify for dependent status, rather than only the applicant’s own children, as at present.


Pre-approval for employers

A proposed new pre-approval process for sponsoring companies would have to streamlined work authorization processes, with faster processing times and less required documents. Further details are not yet available.


Upgraded permit for non-EU graduates

The current temporary residence authorization (APS) issued to non-EU nationals who have graduated from a French university or school would be upgraded to a full residence permit within the Schengen area, thus allowing graduates increased intra-EU mobility. This would be the  EU directive on research, studies and training .


Talent Passport

  • The four-year Talent Passport would be able to qualify for “innovative” sponsors even if they have not obtained the status of “young, innovative company” (GAME).
  • Business projects that support the economic development of a company would also qualify for the Talent Passport.


Accompanying Minors

Under the proposed new law, the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom, and the United States, would be unified.


Action Items

  • Employers in France should note the proposed changes and stay tuned for details
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