FRANCE – New Posted Workers rulings : simplification of the employer’s filings and increase in fines

The latest French law on the subject of immigration and the law of the world. The labor inspector’s prerogative to conduct audits and sanctions is also increased, including the sharing of information and other administrations. This new law will be published on March 1, 2019. The main changes are:

  • € 4,000 per employee and per violation, and € 8,000 for repeated violations
  • The labor inspecting when reviewing the fines for repeated violations of the law is also important to the government. The French administrations and the employers may not require the information requested on the grounds of professional secrecy
  • The labor inspection may be shared with the other countries, and they are not compliant
  • Employers who fail to pay the fines for non-compliance,
  • The French administration will have the right to close a client site, for violation of the immigration rules

Benefits of the New Law

  • For some short-term assignment, the list has yet to be issued by decree,
  • The use of a representative for the designation of a legal representative in France, providing a guarantee of equal treatment against the local employee with a view to minimum wages and working conditions (there will be other conditions). Each request will be valid for a maximum duration of one year.


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