Germany COVID – 19 Update

Effective 17 March, entry is suspended for non-EU and non-Schengen citizens by plane or ship. German citizens may continue to enter Germany. Citizens and foreign residents of EU member states, UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland and their family members can transit through Germany to reach their home countries. Effective 16 March, entry is suspended for travelers arriving from France, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland, without urgent travel reason, (at the discretion of the border authorities). Exemptions apply for German citizens, and foreign national holders of German residence permits.

Exemptions also exist, regardless of nationality, for work-related reasons or to carry out a professional activity or contractual services (including commuters, seasonal workers, EU parliamentarians, accredited diplomats). This must be proven by carrying suitable documents (e.g. employment contract, order documents, cross-border commuter card). Only emergency services will be available.

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