Hong Kong COVID – 19 Update

  • Compulsory quarantine: A 14-day compulsory home (or other accommodation) quarantine for all travelers, regardless of where they are coming from, has been implemented.  This quarantine order is expected to remain in place for 3 months.  There are hotels and serviced apartments who are willing to accept bookings from those required to observe quarantine. Dwellworks can assist with the appropriate bookings.  More information can be found on this government website:  https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/inbound-travel.html
  • Education: Schools remain closed through to at least 20 April.  When schools re-open, they will do so in phases, with senior secondary pupils returning first and younger children staying at home until possibly June.  Children have been receiving a mixture of live virtual lessons, pre-recorded content, as well as study links, online resources and ‘home work’ to support their learning.  The Education Bureau is allowing graduating students, sitting imminent international exams, to attend the necessary tutorial sessions.  The government has confirmed the provision of subsidies to students to help alleviate school fees during class suspension.
  • School Admissions: For relocating executives and their families, whilst schools remain physically closed, admissions offices are still operating and accepting new enrolments.
  • Immigration: The Immigration Department remains fully operational.
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