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Expats in India really are a mixed group. They come from all over the world to live, work and study here with significant numbers from Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany and the Netherlands. They consider themselves global residents or expats as much as a citizen of their native country.


India’s Employment Visa Procedures

Employment visas are an annual headache for foreign companies and business people in India – Indian authorities typically issue one-year multiple entry visas that can be renewed for up to five years. To ensure a quick turn-around time on a successful application, applicants and employers should take a collective, hands-on approach.

The employment visa is the right category for foreign nationals working in India; either with local contract, or on assignment, or as a consultant with fixed compensation (even if not in the form of salary), or as a self-employed consultant, or as a technician or engineer providing after-sales installation or service pursuant to a contract, or deputed for providing technical support/services, transfer of knowledge/services for which the Indian company pays fees/royalty to the foreign company.


Eligibility for a working visa in India

A part of the reason that application protocol is so strict is because the Indian government has wanted to limit the number of young and unskilled foreign workers in the country. Following the global financial calamity of 2007-08, many fresh college graduates from Europe and North America moved to gain job experience in India’s booming economy. The Indian government subsequently wanted to protect its increasing white-collar employees by introducing eligibility requirements for the employment visa.

Therefore, foreign nationals that would like to work for a company or non-governmental organization in India need to meet the following eligibility conditions: –

  • The applicant seeks to visit India for employment in an entity registered in India, or for employment in a foreign company engaged in a project in the country;
  • The applicant is a highly skilled and qualified professional, who is being hired by a company on a contract or employment basis;
  • The applicant is filling a role that the employer was unable to staff with a qualified Indian worker;
  • The applicant will not be working in a routine, secretarial or clerical job;
  • Except for language teachers, ethnic cooks, staff working for an embassy or the Indian High Commission, and voluntary workers, the foreign national must have an annual salary in excess of US$25,000
  • The foreign national must follow all legal requirements like payment of tax liabilities etc and
  • Minimum salary of US $ 25,000


Companies that have successfully sponsored visas for foreign employees in the past are often well prepared to support visa applications. However, businesses that have not previously sponsored visas should consider contracting with an India-based firm that provides visa support services.  Indian consular staff scrutinize, and sometimes investigate, the language of key documents, such as permission and justification letters. Our Visa consultants are well acquainted with the application process and can provide form letters and useful advice to ease any potential problems.


Although employment visa applications can be a headache for employers, well-prepared organizations can navigate the process with ease. Meanwhile, the benefits of hiring foreign staff in India are many. Foreign employees get to participate in one of the fastest growing economies in the world, while employers can create a culture-savvy workforce that is able to take benefit of the many opportunities emerging in India.


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