We have the business experience, immigration knowledge and the network partners to provide strategy and solutions that make the difference.

The compliance required with local immigration legislation is one of the largest challenges a corporation or an individual will face on their immigration journey. Corporations need to ensure compliance and fast solutions for the ever-growing mobility of their personnel, ensuring the business requirements are met all the same.


Our services include:

  • Full assessment of the immigration requirements
  • Highlighting criteria that is also required by local labor law and tax, providing if required a local network partner to assist with these matters
  • Full preparation of the application file for each step of the required process: visa, work authorization, residence permit, extensions
  • Assistance and accompaniment for completion of post arrival formalities
  • Tracking of expiry dates to ensure that extensions are filed in a timely manner
  • Audits of corporate’s global mobility files and procedures
  • Training, webinars, tailor made strategies
  • Access to a recognized immigration tracking system Immigo, personalized password access
Moving to France ?

We can help you with all your immigration requirements when moving to France for any of the following:


  • Short-term and Long-term Work permits, visas, residence permits and the required declarations
  • Investor program
  • Accompanying Family
  • Students and change of status
  • French Citizenship
  • Application for French social security number and medical card “Carte Vitale”
  • Legalization of documents issued in France


With over 15 years of experience and a 99,9% success track record, we are truly recognized as experts. Our knowledge of the immigration system combined with an established network within the French administration, allows us quick access to the information on the applications, responses to queries and solutions for our clients throughout France. With extensive experience in assisting large corporations, small business, start-ups, law firms requiring immigration advice, we set a high standard of services meeting the business projects.

Moving abroad?

Our global team and in country specialists will provide you with solutions, advice and can process the applications to ensure that you have the local compliance in place for any of the following:


  • Short and long stay work visas
  • Residence permits
  • Accompanying family
  • Citizenship
  • Application for tax number
  • Exchange of Driving licenses
  • Application for social security number
  • Legalization of documents


We cover nearly 100 destinations in the Americas, Europe and APAC. Our in-country specialists are all ranked among the best for their level of services. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with some fantastic clients of all sizes in a range of industry sectors, from IT and IT enabled services to financial services and banks to e-sports. We are dedicated to addressing immigration needs promptly and finding solutions, from the initial application to the final authorization.

Our approach


All these things are possible. It just takes the right people and network to make them happen.

Immigration coordination

A long and complex web of administration is not anyone’s idea of a good time. We understand the time-consuming effort involved in immigration procedures. Allow us to take care of it so you can focus on other matters; our qualified team can coordinate your immigration request, from the filing of the first application to the desired final result.

Dossier preparation

During any immigration process requests it is necessary to assemble a file with documents as required by the authorities. Our expertise lies in the arrangement of these files. What do we need from you? Provide the appropriate documentation to us. It’s that simple.

Follow up with the authorities

From day one we are your point of contact so all key communication with the authorities is managed by us.

Remaining alongside with you

We can accompany you, if needed, to meet with French government and foreign consulate representatives in France to ensure there are no difficulties along the way.

We ensure clarity and compliance in handling immigration procedures and we aim to communicate with you every step of the way. We’re passionate about what we do. We’re also business savvy. Let us create immigration solutions for you, with less effort.